Darts is one of the world’s largest betting markets, although it is not as well known as football, basketball or tennis. This sport is extremely popular among bettors, in part thanks to how accessible it is to them.

Darts matches always offer dynamic atmospheres, and at major tournaments, the energy in the air is palpable. These tournaments always offer music, cheering fans and dedicated players who never fail to impress their spectators. By betting on darts, you can enjoy this high-energy action too. Read on to find out more about betting on darts tournaments.

A Wide Range of Markets

Unlike other games, darts really only makes its way onto the radars of sports bettors during major tournaments like the World Champions, World Matchplay or the Premier League. During these tournaments, betting on darts rises exponentially as bettors rush to cash in on the action. In this way, darts is like most other sports wagering markets. The best prices on favourites bets will always be found before tournaments, but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself when it comes to who you think will win the event.

There are a few darts betting markets that you should seek out if you want to reduce your risk instead of betting on a player making it all the way to first place. If it’s good value you want, check out the To Win Quarter of a darts tournament market. There are usually a few clear favourites in any event, and in this case, 2 quarters of the draw would compete with one another, offering great value when it comes to wagering on the winner of that specific quarter. It might not be a player who has what it takes to beat the favourites later down the line, but quarter betting allows them to retain some wagering value nonetheless.

Varying Your Wagers

Along with the tournament outright favourite and the clear match outrights for tournament games, bookmakers also offer other great options like Correct Score and Handicaps betting. You could further break things down by considering the total Legs in a darts match, the Total 180s being scored, the possibility of a 9-dart finish, and whether or not the first dart will be a treble twenty.

You could even bet on the winning double or colour of the first leg if you wish. There is no shortage of darts betting options out there if you shop around; you simply need to find a top quality sportsbook to help you find them.

Try Live Darts Betting

Live darts betting is another exciting market to check out. This is a very dynamic sport to be on live, and doing so can add another element of thrill to the mix. Darts tournaments can change very quickly, and for you, this means some great chances at returns.

Again, you don’t have to limit yourself here in terms of who you think will win. There are tons of alternative markets to try if you are ready to be kept on your toes!

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