Top Tips For Improving The Odds With Rugby Betting

Betting on rugby is one of the most thrilling experiences in the world thanks to the sport being the perfect combination of fast-paced, tactical, and aggressive. Every game is unique, and the players are some of the toughest athletes in the sporting world. For those looking for ways to increase how often they make good rugby bets, these are some of the best tips to follow.

Stay Up To Date

Competitions are constantly changing how the game is played for official tournaments, such as increasing the amount of bonus points a team can make when scoring at least four tries during a game. While this rule has noa affected tournaments such as the Six Nations, it has been seen in a number of others. Why this matters is because it directly affects how the scoring is dealt with in the game, and has already had quite a large impact on the betting market. This is a perfect example of why a bettor needs to keep on top of new rule changes, as they might take out a bet while unaware of a change, and end up losing a lot of money unnecessarily.

Make Use of Handicap Markets

Rugby is known in the betting world for its many one-sided games that offer seven points for a converted try, alongside penalties for a dropped goal. This means that it’s not uncommon to find short priced odds depending on which teams are playing during which period of the year. Avoiding this kind of thing is done by making use of handicap betting, which has become extremely popular in recent years, similarly to how bingo games UK have shot up in popularity. In general, a modern handicap bet will boast significantly better value than most other bets, and punters should always endeavour to pursue any good handicap bets that they discover while doing their research.

Study Team Forms And History

Like any other sport, getting bets right often in rugby starts with doing as much research as possible, which includes studying the forms of both current and historical teams. This data, when used properly, is usually enough to give a punter the edge when they’re playing bets. There are lots of examples of teams and clubs around the world having long-running wins and losses against other teams, meaning that’s a good idea to give the teams in question a long look, ensuring that they can’t turn a bet sour. It’s also a good idea to keep up to date with the forms of current teams, allowing for a much better selection during tournaments and international events.

It goes without saying that, in rugby as in every sporting encounter, researching recent form and previous results can help give you an edge when it comes to placing bets. An example of this comes in the shape of London Wasps, who haven’t lost at home to Leicester Tigers since 2007. So, despite the Tigers being a much better side overall throughout that period, it wouldn’t be advisable to back them at Adams Park.

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