Rugby Wagering Options

International rugby competitions such as Rugby Union World Cup, Lions Rugby Union Tour, RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship and The Rugby Championship are among the most popular of the rugby season and these matches draw punters from all over the world.

Six Nations

The most popular and considered one of the toughest rugby competitions, the Six Nations Rugby Cup includes England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy.  This competition is held annually and each team plays against each other over a period of seven weeks.

The leading teams in this competition are England and Wales and both teams have won this competition 26 times.  Over the years there has been a shift in power and Ireland have won titles while England has only won the title once over the last 12 years.

The Triple Crown series is held during the Six Nations and is played between England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland and is another opportunity for punters to place wagers.

Rugby Union World Cup

The Rugby Union World Cup happens every four years and consists of 20 teams and is hosted by countries that bid for the honour.  The winners of the 2015 World Cup was New Zealand who beat Australia.

The 2019 World Cup will take place in Japan and offers many wagering options which are even available now.

The very first World Cup took place in 1987 and each winning team since then is awarded the William Webb Ellis Cup, a great wagering market.

The dominating teams are New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, so these three are great wagering options for the coveted title.

Rugby Championship

The Rugby Championship, a tri-nations tournament between New Zealand, South Africa and Australia is another very popular competition that draws punters from all around the world.

In 2012, Argentina was included.  This competition is the most popular after the World Cup and these games are usually faster paced and offers many more scoring opportunities which means higher scores and much more excitement for punters.  New Zealand has been the dominating team in this championship.

Lions Rugby Tour

The Lions Rugby Union Tour, like real money slots games, goes way back and this team is made up of the best players from the British Isles who play New Zealand, South Africa or Australia.  The Lions have toured the Southern Hemisphere since 1888, every four years.

This is a tough competition and the only winner in the last 15 years has been Australia.   This competition offers punters many wagering markets and for many is an exciting part of the rugby season with loyal countries rooting for their teams to win this coveted title.

Super 12

The Super 12 is by now a household name and first started in 1996.  The Super 12 has teams from New Zealand and South Africa with two extra teams joining in 2006 and later more teams were added in 2011 and there are now 15 teams.

It is an exceptionally gruelling tournament mainly because of the calibre of the players in the teams, difficult playing conditions and all of the travel that is involved.

New Zealand has been the strongest teams and has won most of the matches.

For Australians, rugby is a national sport and offers many opportunities for punters to place all types of wagers and many remain loyal to their teams, which only increases the excitement especially when it comes to the big championships on the rugby calendar.

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