Most Popular Boxing Betting Types Explained


The uninitiated may believe that the only way to wager on boxing is to place a bet on which fighter will win, but punters such as these would be sorely mistaken.

While outcome wagering is certainly the most popular type of boxing bet, it definitely isn’t the only one worth considering and it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the most popular boxing betting types if you’re just getting started.

As such, here are the most popular boxing betting types explained.

Money Lines Boxing Bets

The most popular betting type in combat sport is the most popular of all and is simply on who will win the fight.

However, betting isn’t much fun when there is a clear favourite and an obvious underdog and that’s why money lines are instituted – to level the playing field as such.

Once the money lines are instituted, you will most likely see the favourite’s money line set at -3000 on especially heavy favourites, while the underdog will be set at something like +1500.

However, the knockout punch is something to consider in boxing as when betting on heavy favourites, punters would be wise to stick to those who aren’t prone to knockouts.

Overs/Unders Boxing Bets

Each boxing match has a set number of rounds, generally 10-12, and with overs/unders bets the bookmaker will set the total number of rounds expected below that number.

All you’ll have to do is predict whether the fight will go on for more or less rounds than the number set by the bookmakers.

The lines set are based upon the styles of the two fighters involved and if a knockout is expected you will see a relatively low line – which may mean a faster return to real money pokies, but if the opponent is quick footed and good at dodging wild punches, then your line may be a bit harder to predict.

Draws Boxing Bets

Due to the fact that draws are rare in boxing matches, draw bets on fights can fetch incredible odds especially when the fight isn’t an even match up.

If there is no knockout in the match, the matter goes to the judges table and they may judge the match to be a draw.

Punters would be wise to pick draw bets very carefully, especially on fights with evenly matched fighters, as the cash return could be absolutely life changing.

Parlays Boxing Bets

Fans of horse racing betting will most likely be familiar with the parlay bet and this type of bet is also available to place on boxing matches.

With a parlay bet, a punter will group together one more fighters and the bet will only be successful if every prediction in the parlay is correct.

The most popular use of parlay betting in boxing is to reduce the juice on heavy favourites as punters can choose to parlay three fighters together for far more favourable odds if they all win.

Proposition Boxing Bets

When there is a particularly noteworthy match that is set to attract plenty of attention, bookmakers will opt to offer a set of proposition bets on the fight.

Proposition bets are wagers on the occurrence or non-occurrence of events within a fight which do not directly influence the final decision.

Exotic prop bets may be available such as how many times a fighter will get knocked down or on how many times a punch will land by a fighter.

Prop bets can be particularly hard to predict, but also enjoy fantastic odds, but don’t put too much of your balance down.

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