Frequently Used Strategies In Sports Betting

Since the introduction of online sports betting, sports betting has come a long way and seen massive growths in market share. With the additional bettors all coming to the parts, there has been introduction of a wealth of new strategies, some old and some new.

Not all strategies are equal, so time and testing will be vital in choosing the right strategy for you.

Home Is Overrated

One of the lesser discussed but remarkably widely used strategies in sport betting, especially the likes of football and hockey, is betting against the home advantage. It’s no secret that the home team has the upper hand, with a familiar turf where they have the confidence to preform and a crowed that majority favour the home team.

This betting system is based around the idea that the home advantage is often exaggerated. When a team is home and favourite, the bets will roll in and swaying of the odds will definitely be a factor, making for better value in the underdog bet.

While some say it is just about value, others say underdogs perform better with this nature of pressure and favourites will underestimate the opposition. Regardless of the reason for the performance, betting on the underdogs with home favourites will typically give great betting value, making it a great bet for any smart bettor.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage is one of the few betting strategies that, if done right, can guarantee success. Arbitrage betting will rely on finding odds from different sportsbooks for the same game that vary by a large enough margin to turn a profit on either winning side, in so guaranteeing a profit, no matter which team wins.

One of the main key points to take note of in arbitrage betting is that this is a mathematical principle more than a strategy, so any nature of other betting strategy implemented will likely conflict with arbitrage betting.

For a quick start to arbitrage betting, there are many arbitrage calculators available online for free. Finding the most varying odds on the same game and putting them into a profit calculator will give you a clear view of the stake needed to be made and the potential profit to be made in the bet. As perfect as it is, there are some disadvantages to arbitrage betting. The profits are small, and the wins take time. A lot of effort will need to be made to find the right bets at the right odds for your budget and potential winnings.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system has become a very popular strategy in all betting and gambling circles, not just for sports but for the games you’ll find at casinos endorsed by This strategy has one of the quickest times to yield of any betting strategies. Martingale is very simple, choose a base amount and double the amount on every loss, allowing the eventual win to cover for the previous losses.

While martingale works best with even money bets, it can be implemented to almost any other strategy as a way to fortify your wins. Do be careful, as your capital will need to be near infinite to prevent any potential losses.


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