Ideal Accessories for a Casino Party

If you’re invited to a casino themed party or are thinking of hitting the casino for a fun night on the town, you’ll need some great accessories to jazz up your look.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve got all the ideas you need for the perfect look.


If you’ve always wanted to wear a feather boa, now is your chance! You can bring out your inner Vegas showgirl and drape a boa around your shoulders, or you can look for a marabou trimmed coat that oozes opulence and glamour.

Glittery Shoes

When better to wear a pair of sparkling, glittery heels than to a casino party? You can wear your flashiest heels, or you can even DIY a pair you own by adding a thin layer of glue and a lot of glitter! Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to sparkle.

Bright Lipstick

There is never a better time to make a statement with bright lippy than at the casino! Bright red, pink or deep burgundy all look great on just about everyone, so now is your time to go bold.


No outfit for a night rolling the dice or turning the cards is complete without a bit – or a lot – of bling. You can choose to add as much bling as you like too, there really isn’t any way you can go overboard when competing with the bright lights of Vegas!

For the ladies, diamante chokers, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are a great choice, as they catch the light and really glitter. Of course if you have real diamonds that you’ve bought yourself after winning big playing pokies online, even better! If diamantes are not your thing, gold or silver statement jewellery is the way to go, and bold and bigger is always better.

For the men, a fancy wristwatch or flashy cufflinks can be a brilliant blingy addition to your outfit, or if you are feeling really daring, a blinged-up belt can work too.

Clutch Purse

You’ll need somewhere to keep your winnings after all! A clutch purse is great as you can pop it under your arm, and if it has a thin strap, even better. A fancy purse can really complete your outfit, especially if it matches your shoes.

A Bowtie

This one’s for the guys, or the girls who are extra daring. Nothing says 007 Casino Royale style more than a bowtie, so don’t be afraid to don one, even if you are not wearing a tux. A dress shirt can look extra classy if you have a bowtie, and you can always opt for one with a bit of fancy design too.

Anything Card Themed

Cufflinks emblazoned with playing cards, earrings in the shapes of club, aces, hearts or spades, a tie with Jacks, Queens and Kings or any other accessory that is card themed is a great choice. You can find a wealth of casino related accessories at party shops and online, and in this case, the more you can incorporate into your outfit, the merrier!

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