Betting has come a very long way, because initially the only option of betting was making wagers and watching games until the end to see if you’ve won a bet or lost. Nowadays, the world of sports betting has evolved, and the most popular gabling feature currently is the ability to bet anywhere, anytime while you’re actively watching the match.

This type of betting is referred to as Live Betting, but also goes by many other names such as In-Play Betting, In-Gaming Betting, or In-Running Betting. If you want to learn more about Live Betting, how it works and how you can calculate the odds and lines, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Live Betting?

A live bet is a process whereby betting is made at any given time after a match has commenced and before it ends. In other words, you’re basically betting during the live match. Live Betting has special proposition bets that are only possible to this type of betting.

Take soccer as a Live Betting example, the bettor will bet on which player will likely score next. When that goal happens, that particular bet is resolved, and a new market will be opened for bettors to bet on the next player to score.

How Come Are Live Bets Fewer Than Regular Bets?

Sportsbooks that provide Live Betting give bettors specific lines of wagers but not as enough as they’re available before matches. Live Betting lists are mainly smaller because of the time and manpower it requires.

There are too many matches that happen across the board and unfortunately not enough employees, or time can be allocated to offer a full range of precise lines because each live bet’s match dynamics change quickly. As technology improves, more and more sites will be able to widen their range of Live Betting opportunities.

How Are Odds of Live Betting Calculated?

Calculating Live Betting odds is extremely challenging because people are dealing with many different events happening fast. Unlike online Roulette in NZ, the games don’t stop when you need to rethink your strategy. Odd compilers firstly have to figure out the chances of new future outcomes of each match and secondly, they have to figure out the house edge that’s necessary for them to take up each given risk.

Strategies And Tips to Improve on Live Betting

Perhaps you enjoy betting on an NBA basketball game, a methodical in-game wagering strategy found in hockey or football, there are many tactics that can assist to gain you some short- and long-term profits.

Research games in advance: If you put in enough effort into pre-game wagers, you’ll increase your chances of being thoroughly prepared for when the Live Betting starts.

Always Pay Attention: If your goal is to find an edge in a live bet, observing and analysing the matches better than the bookmakers is crucial. This will enable you to pick up on minor details within the matches that others might be oblivious to.

Stick To Your Plans: You need move quickly in Live Betting but also factor into account that you have to stay within your budget without getting carried away. Live Betting has a tendency of making bettors chase their losses numerous times per game which is not an ideal way of betting.

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