How to Successfully Wager on Wrestling

Most people are already aware of the fact that wrestling is largely scripted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place bets on it anyway.

It might look like a regular sport, but wrestling is actually sports entertainment, which is why it is so often scripted. It’s exactly like a TV drama or novel, despite the fact that it is very distinctly presented and enforced.

Regardless of the fact that the outcomes in wrestling may be predetermined, the sport can still provide some truly awesome entertainment, even for real money bettors. How, you might ask? Here are a few essential tips to help you on your wrestling betting journey.

The Golden Rules of Wrestling Betting

There are 3 golden rules to follow when it comes to wagering on wrestling games. They are:

  1. View wrestling differently from scripted betting options, other sports, and casino games like bingo Australia
  2. Remember that despite its differences, it still offers great chances to win money through bets
  3. Start off with small bets if you are unsure about it. You can always increase them as you gain confidence!

Ultimately, wrestling does indeed differ from other sports betting markets at its core. When betting on a traditional sport, you predict the result of a true athletic competition in which all parties have equal and unknown chances of winning. Therefore, the winning odds of many sports mostly boil down to who performs the best.

However, when you bet on wrestling, you are instead trying to predict how the authors of the show will develop its narrative story. Instead of placing your money on whether a wrestler can meet a certain objective, you will wager on whether or not a writer will decide that it is in the wrestler’s best interests to win.

Learning About the Industry

When it comes to wrestling betting, you must realise that not all kinds of scripted entertainment have the same objective, tropes, and narrative paths. This does inject some randomness into the mix, as the only way you can truly discover how to bet on wrestling successfully is to pay attention! You will need to watch shows and develop an understanding of how they work.

Seasoned punters can tell you, for example, that the biggest feuds in WrestleMania often blow over, while this can differ in other shows and leagues. You can also keep track of wrestlers’ injuries, personal updates and more to make wise bets using that information. Think like a wrestling writer and you have the best chances of cashing in on your wagers!

Different Kinds of Bets to Place

There are also a few different types of wrestling bets that you should know about before you tackle the sport. Some interesting options include:

The Next World Champion: This is a bet that generally predicts the future of the WWE. It really tests your long-term prediction skills – and remember, the less likely a wrestler is to pull through, the better odds you will have when you root for them.

The Royal Rumble Winner: Based on the WWE’s Royal Rumble, this form of bet can be placed across many participants or on one individual superstar that is most likely to earn a spot in WrestleMania. Predicting where the storyline may go here is the key to placing successful Royal Rumble wagers.

Money in the Bank Cash In: The Money in the Bank briefcase is a title shot that its holder can cash in any time they please, including at events where it was not previously revealed.

This makes the concept a thrilling narrative device that adds suspense for spectators, both at matches and online. This device can even influence your other predictions, especially when betting on title games!

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