Betting Bad - Betting Mistakes

Common Betting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Betting Bad - Betting Mistakes

Common Betting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are many common betting mistakes that are made by punters all across Australia on a daily basis which can end up costing you a lot of money.

Some of the most popular bets on the market are actually more guaranteed to lose you money because they are designed in such a way as to always be house edged.

If these betting opportunities are avoided, then the punter is likely to save some money and even possibly turn around a recent bad spell.

Accumulator Bets

Many punters have placed an accumulator bet at some point in their betting history in the hopes of combining high odds with a couple of apparently safe selections.

This applies to many once a week punters who deposit small amounts of money into one of their betting accounts on a Friday hoping to get rich over the weekend.

The truth is that the accumulator bets are one of the main sources of income for the bookmakers across Australia, and that illustrates how poor the value of these bets can be to the punter.

Placing an accumulator bet is much the same as placing a bet to win the lottery whereby the punter will need to get all the bets correctly to win big.

Of course, that isn’t to say that accumulators cannot make you a profit, it’s just that most of the time they don’t.

Live Betting Mistakes

Live online betting is very popular in Australia and growing every day. The idea behind it is that punters can make in game bets such as to whether a player will miss the penalty kick, or that a certain player will be substituted next.

Many of these bets are often rejected as they happen so fast and the window of opportunity is small.

Avoiding live betting can be a good move as many punters in Australia and around the world have started losing money on non planned or impulse betting due to this new feature.

Sticking to what you know is always a more recommended plan. Live betting can of course be fun with a group of friends, as long as it is kept casual.

betting against your own team - betting traitor meme

Betting On Your Own Team

Betting on your own team for loyalties sake is never a good idea, as punters tend to overestimate the potential performance capability of a team that they support.

Punters that place a bet on a team that they support also tend to get too emotionally attached and make last minute bets out of frustration or even belief that their team can win in a dire situation.

As a rule, one should try to avoid betting on teams that they support unless they are able to separate the emotional attachment from the betting process.

Once that is possible then an unbiased, fair wager can be made on the match or event.

Scorecasts Bets

Scorecast betting is very popular in Australia even though they represent one of the worst betting options available from a bookie.

This bet entails the punter choosing the winner of the match along with at what moment during the match a certain player will score a goal.

What makes this betting option so difficult is that the odds are also not usually great from the bookies and once a player is substituted or injured the bet is then lost immediately.