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Merits of futures betting football

Guessing The Future - betting online - Australian football rules betting - online sports betting sites

Guessing The Future To Turn A Profit

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a crystal ball in which we could see future events? Sadly, most of us don’t, and thus futures betting is still a guessing game into the future. That being said, there are a number of merits towards participating in futures betting, if you have the skills needed for futures betting football.

What Exactly Is Football Futures Betting?

Basically, futures betting is just as it sounds. In the case of football, it is placing a bet on the AFL at the beginning or even long before the season starts.

These bets can range from things such as which team will win, which is the most obvious, to which coach will get fired or resign at the end.

One needs to have a very good grasp of the league in order to place football futures bets, this shouldn’t be undertaken by beginners to the Australian sports betting world.

That, right there, is in itself one of the merits; football futures betting has a limited punters pool.

It’s Not For Everyone

Futures AFL premiership betting is a tricky beast. A sound knowledge of the teams as well as how they interact is vital in order to place successful and profitable bets.

The throwback of that is that not all punters even try their hand at futures betting as the very prospect makes them nervous.

Normal, run of the mill football bets attract enormous crowds all year round, not only from Australia but the entire world over.

Futures betting is a much more elite thing, only offered by certain bookies and has potentially huge payouts.

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Potential For Pretty Ponderous Payouts

And I am talking very ponderous here. So ponderous, in fact, that many bookies won’t even offer futures betting on football or any other sport.

In 2011 a little team in the American NFL had the season of their dreams, sweeping into the final to win at 999 – 1 odds.

Millions of dollars had to be paid out by bookies, resulting in some very, very happy punters.

Getting futures betting right may be difficult, but the payouts are potentially so huge that it is definitely worth all the brain power.

Long Term Enjoyment

One of the great things about football futures betting is the anticipation of seeing your prediction unfold.

Futures betting spans a much larger time frame than regular sports betting, which means that you get to enjoy the thrill for a number of games instead of just one.

This all adds up to more bang for your buck as the experience get replayed every time a game is won or lost.

Better Value Than Regular bets

Many of the bookies which actually offer futures betting do so with great odds. It must be noted here that the odds can vary quite drastically from bookie to bookie when it comes to football futures betting.

None the less, the bookies which do offer it aim to attract punters to place their bets. To do so the value is often much better than the bets which they know many punters go for anyway.

All of this adds up, once again, to a potentially very profitable bet should your future predictions be on the spot.

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