The Beginner’s Guide to Popular Cricket Bets

With the inaugural edition of the ICC World Test Championship of Test Cricket coming up in July 2019, it may be a good idea to start doing plenty of research now to improve your chances of success when betting.

If you’ve always longed to get in on the action, but didn’t know where to start, now is your time to shine! Get going with our guide to the most popular cricket bets for beginners.

Match Betting

Match betting is the simplest and most popular cricket bet, which makes it perfect for beginners. All you’ll need to do to be successful with cricket match betting is correctly predict which team will win the match you’re betting on.

In the most basic terms, if England is playing India, you would have to correctly predict whether England or India will be the match victors.

Series Winner Betting

A series of matches between 2 teams is a common occurrence in cricket and a good example of this is the Ashes series.

To give you a better idea of how this type of bet works, in the Ashes series, England and Australia play a series of 5 matches against each other and you would have to correctly predict whether England or India would win the series in order to be successful with a series bet.

Outright Winner Betting

Similar in many ways to a series winner bet, an outright winner bet is a wager placed on any team that is participating at a championship or tournament (sadly not an Aristocrat pokies tournament), such as the ICC World Cup or the Indian Premier League.

As many teams participate in these kinds of events, this kind of bet will likely be more difficult to predict correctly, but you’ll be left with a handsome reward if you’re right.

In-Play / Live Cricket Betting

In-play / live betting on cricket is where things become really exciting! While most types of cricket wagers require you to place your bet before the match starts, with in-play / live cricket betting you can place a wager on a certain aspect of the match at any time during the match.

With lucrative odds and wagers which must beat the clock, in-play / live betting has become an incredibly popular form of cricket betting.

Top Batsman Betting

Owing to the difficulty of correctly predicting the number, a top batsman wager will typically see large odds and may be incredibly rewarding if you make a good call.

Betting on the top batsman involves a wager placed on how many runs will be scored either in the course of an innings, match, or a whole series.

Top Bowler Betting

If you enjoy the challenge of the top batsman wager, you may want to try out a top bowler wager as well.

In order to be successful with a top bowler wager, you’ll need to correctly predict which bowler will take the most wickets during either in the course of an innings, match, or an entire series.

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