Cricket Tournaments to Bet On


Cricket has always been and continues to be a very popular sport.  Many people around the world follow cricket and not just those in India, Pakistan, England and Australia.  Many other countries are beginning to see the benefits of following the game and betting on it. Many new tournaments have been started which makes it tough for bettors to know which cricket matches or tournaments to bet on.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The biggest cricket event in the world is the ICC Cricket World Cup.  This cricketing event brings together the best cricketing nations on the globe.  It is held every four years and is an event anticipated by cricket fans around the world.  The World Cup is third in the top three sporting events after Soccer World Cup and the Summer Olympics.  Each World Cup sees an increase in the cricket stands and as sponsorship money increases the betting options also grow.  Betting on the World Cup usually opens up before the time so bettors can bet on their favourite team to take this coveted title.  As the event draws closer sportsbooks offer a range of bets.

The Ashes Series

The Ashes is played between Australia and England.  These two teams play five games with the winner taking home the title.  This series is usually played annually and is hosted by these two teams.  The team who wins hosts the next Ashes series and will continue to host until the other team wins.  If there is a draw the trophy is kept by the winner for the remainder of the time.  Betting options for this series include outright winner, the top batsman or bowler and a range of prop bets.  Because of the popularity of The Ashes bettors will find odds at the majority of sportsbooks.

Sunfoil Series

The Sunfoil Series is a premier cricket competition and is hosted by South Africa and the Test Format is used.  The best six teams in South Africa play against each other over six months.  This series is played at cricket grounds across South Africa and is based on a point system.  Winners of a match receive 10 points, teams who draw receive six points and zero if there is no result.  A bonus point system is also used and is based on the initial 100 overs in each innings.  A batting bonus of one point is given for attaining 150 runs and 0.02 points for every subsequent run.  The bowling bonus is 1 point if an initial three wickets are taken and one point for every two wickets after that.  This is a great opportunity for bettors as there are many options to choose from and the matches get exciting as the series progresses.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a T20 tournament hosted in India.  This tournament is considered by most to be the best of all the cricket tournaments in the world and is well attended and watched by millions of viewers.  Sponsored by Vivo, it is also known as the Vivo Indian Premier League.  It is played each year during April and May. The IPL features the best players that India has to offer and the betting options for the IPL can be found on most sportsbooks.  This brand of cricket is fast, exciting and competitive and makes betting even more exciting with generous payouts.

There are many other tournaments and matches held around the world, but these are just a few of the more popular cricketing events, and if they don’t suit you, you can always wager on other things a site like Lucky Nugget Casino Canada.  However, Cricket is becoming a popular betting option even for sportsbetting beginners, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

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