New Zealanders have always had a special place in their heart for horse racing, and few other countries share the same passion for the sport. There are multiple events that take place in the Oceanic region, and while some also take place on the neighbouring country of Australia, others only happen at home in New Zealand. One of these is the Rotorua Cup, a popular sporting event that hosts some of the best quality horse racing that the country has to offer.

Not only is this a day of sublime racing and a myriad of other activities, but it also gives punters in both New Zealand and Australia the chance to bet on some of their favourite horses and jockeys. The event takes place at Arawa Park, and has been held there for the last 100 years, and has a long and proud heritage.

Arawa Park is well-known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and people from across the globe have gone back over and over every year. Not just for the amazing races themselves, but for the famous hospitality of the New Zealanders, and for the many incredible adventures that the country has to offer.

Not only does Arawa Park host the Rotorua Cup every year, but it also allows visitors to enjoy some of the local facilities that are located in the nearby city. Hotels, motels, cafes, restaurants, and much more are available to both international and domestic travellers coming to watch the races on this amazing day. For those punters that want to learn more about the kinds of bets available for the Rotorua Cup and how you can go about getting your wagers down, keep reading for more information.

Choosing The Best Betting Sites

Betting is also an important part of the Cup, and for those of you interested in punting on the various races that take place, then you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge on the Rotorua Cup, and using our experience you can seek out the sites that best suit you. If you know what to look for and what you want, you’ll easily find what you need online- no need to go to the track at all.

Taking The Right Bets

Every year, millions of people around the world flock to various New Zealand and Australian racing events to have their go at betting. It can be difficult, especially those that are new to the scene, but it can be a simple and fun process. The Rotorua Cup remains one of the best betting events in the world, and you should have no problem finding the bets that suit you the best while also having full coverage of the races as they happen.

So, before the Rotorua Cup starts in the next few months, make sure you’re clued up on all the best bets that are available on the markets, including odds, tips, and much, much more, because if you’re not, sticking to online Blackjack or another betting game may be best!

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