Why Kiwis prefer betting on the horses


Betting on the horse races is one of the oldest forms of regular and online sports betting and is, by far, the most popular sports betting options. Gone are the days where punters had to visit race tracks or land based betting shops to place bets, these days Kiwis have the world at their fingertips with online sportsbooks offering horse race betting on events across the globe.

Horse racing offers punters a plethora of betting options that are most profitable when some research is done. This adds a little more excitement to the thrills of horse race betting.

New Zealand is home to some of the greatest race tracks where horse racing is a major affair. Kiwis however do not have to visit the races to bet which gives them convenient access to some great betting options.

Researching the Basics before Betting

Kiwi punters must do a little research into which of the horses and jockeys are performing well as a team, individually, have there been any injuries and which of them perform better on the race track. It is advisable to get to know the names of the horses and the jockey’s numbers in order to get better acquainted with who is racing and who has better chances of placing.

It is not very hard to gather the required information and it does mean that any bet placed is far more valuable with better winning possibilities available.

The Types of Horse Race Betting

Online punters from New Zealand have two main options for horse race betting when using the online platform. This is the standard online betting options and live betting.

Betting at online sportsbooks using the standard online betting options does come with some incentives such as bonus offers and readily available odds that are as close to being accurate as possible. Online sportsbooks offer a variety of different types of bets and odds with current and up to date information on who the favourites are and so on. The betting options can be placed far in advance or right up until the beginning of a race.


Live betting on the hand allows punters to bet as the race unfolds. The types of bets available for live betting differ from site to site and can include just about anything the online sportsbook can imagine about what might happen during a race.

The Appeal of Horse Race Betting

A major difference and attraction to horse race betting is how the odds are calculated. Betting on the horses is a type of pari-mutuel betting where the odds are determined by the direct relation to how many people have bet and what the total has amounted to.

The money bet is pooled and then competed for by all punters who have bet on the same race. This is regardless of who the bet has been placed on as each punter competes against each other. All of the winners then share the pool so the winnings depend largely on the bets placed and the number of winners. This is far more risky and thrilling than the standard sports betting where the odds are set regardless of punters.

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