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Are Prop Bets Smart Betting Options?

Are Prop Bets Smart Betting Options - online sports betting

Prop bets, otherwise known as proposition bets, novelty bets, or exotic bets, are fast becoming more popular at Australian bookmaker websites.

Such bets can be based around many aspects of a sport or gambling game, often aspects that do not have any direct impact on the final result of the game.

For example, a proposition bet could be based around whether a particular player is sent off the field during a rugby game, or what cards are going to be dealt in a game of blackjack.

Note that the prediction of the cards dealt, in the second example, does not necessarily mean that the cards are good or bad, in relation to the game of blackjack itself.

The question is; are proposition bets smart betting options, and do they yield good payout opportunities? Let’s have a closer look.

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How Prop Bets Work

Virtually any unknown outcome can have odds assigned to it, and have bets placed based around those odds.

There is, after all, no real reason that betting options should be restricted only to the final outcome of a rugby game. If we take an event, such as a tri being scored, odds can be determined on which player will be the first to sore a tri.

How often has the player scored the first tri in previous games, and in his history as a rugby player? Based on this information odds can be decided on the player scoring the first tri of a game, but the final result will be unknown until the event occurs. Observant rugby fans will have an idea on the chances of the possible outcome, and so may place a bet.

Who Takes Part in Prop Bets?

Some take little interest in proposition bets, because, as has already been mentioned, they are normally not related to the outcome of the actual game. For others, however, proposition bets are a fun, interesting, and new way to place bets on a game, with unique betting options.

Remember that just because you have placed a prop bet, it does not mean you cannot still place a bet on the games final outcome. Many will place a number of small side bets on prop betting options, but still have a bigger bet on the game itself.

This way, if the main bet fails, some cash may still be earned back via various prop bets.

In most cases it will be those who are already familiar with the sport or game who will be the most likely to place successful bets, but with some other prop betting options, a person need not even be familiar with the game to make a good guess. It is this reason that makes prop bets popular with those who are otherwise not that interested in the game itself.

In fact, in many cases prop bets are a gateway for non-sports fans to take an interest in a sport, for reasons other than rooting for a particular team to win.

See what prop betting options are available at your favourite Australian betting sites to try out prop betting for yourself.

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