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Top Tips for Betting on Cricket

Australian cricket sports betting online

Betting on cricket in Australia is a popular pastime and it offers a range of different bets on many aspects of the game.

Punters can place wagers on aspects of the game such as who will win the toss, which team will win the match, who the top bowler or batsman will be.

Types of Cricket Bets

The most common and the easiest bet to place is which team will win a particular match.  There are often some complications when placing this type of bet if there is a draw for example.

Punters can also place a bet on whether the match will be a draw.  Punters can place a wager on which batsman will score the most runs, but it is often the batsman that perform the best that offers the lowest odds, while the lesser known players will offer a higher payout with better odds.

If there are players that have the same total the winnings will be divided.  There is also the option of betting on the top scorer for the whole match.

Betting on the top bowler is another cricket betting option and punters bet on which bowler will take the most wickets.  Punters can look at the past performances of the bowlers to help them make a choice.

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Other cricket bets include placing a bet on how many runs are scored during the 1st  innings and this is the same as an over/under bet in other sports.  The sportsbook will set an amount of runs and punters must then try to guess if the team will score over or under the set amount.

Punters are able to bet on whether 50 or 100 runs will be scored during the match.  This is a good bet when betting on one day matches.

Another cricket bet is betting on which team will score the most runs over 6 overs. Most of these betting options can be found on some of the world’s top online sports betting sites in Australia.

The 1st wicket bet is placing a wager on how the 1st wicket will be taken and there are 6 options, caught, bowled, LBW, a run out, stumped and others.  The caught option has the lowest odds as it is the most common.

Punters also have the option of placing a wager on the team who will have the highest run score for the opening batsmen.  The favourites to win will usually have the lower odds.

One of the bets placed purely on luck is the coin toss before the game starts to decide who will bat first.

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A fun bet to place is which team will hit the most sixes and punters can bet on the big hitters with a consistent performance in previous games or punters can bet on which batsman will score the most sixes in the match.

The man of the match is a popular cricket bet and the player will usually play for the winning team.

Once again the favourites to win will have lower odds whereas players from the losing team will have higher odds and every now and again the man of the match is chosen from the losing team.

Quick Tips

Cricket bets are varied ranging from bets that punters can research to bets that are based on pure luck.

It is always advisable to do some research before placing a bet, looking at the morale of a team will often affect how they play together, if there are any injuries and external factors such as the weather or the cricket pitch. It is also good to look at the past performances of the players on the team.

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